Life is not always easy, things happend and the time seems to never stop.
You lose old friends and new come in to your life. Some of them stays forever, some just a for a while.
Relationship starts and some holds on for a long time, maybe your whole life an the other for just a short time.
Somedays you feel your life unbearable, as is no longer a meaning to go on.
But you do, cause you have those people around you who makes your life the best.
You start thinking of all those great memories and wonderful times you had been through whit all those people.
So you raise up again and hope it will last forever!

Helt sant!!

Kärleken är inte gratis, det handlar om att vilja.
Den har sitt pris i engagemang å omtanke.
Och den måste prioriteras för att överleva.

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